Grant Pierrus - Crafting spaces: collaboration with artist makers to enhance aesthetic and narrative in interior design with Grant Pierrus



In this special talk, Grant will discuss his work with interior designers and artist-makers. He will explore how elevating material choices change the look and feel of spaces—explaining the way that the craftsmanship of artist makers adds additional layers of finesse and details to projects.

Further, Grant will consider the role of authentic ideation and storytelling through collaboration with artist-makers to bring additional depth to projects and how traditional crafts bring preservation and heritage into the project narrative.

Finally, Grant will discuss the mutual benefits of collaboration for both interior designers and artist-makers, focusing on how this synergy can result in projects that are both aesthetically superior and rich in narrative. Grant will include examples of projects and case studies of his work collaborating with designers and makers.

Please note, this event is online and is limited to 150 places. Your can register for this event by following the link below