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Planning Spaces: Theory and principles of planning.

Course Description

This two-day course will provide you with an introduction to the theory and principles of planning spaces, as well as how these principles can be applied to your own design work.

Day 1 - Planning Spaces: Practical Planning

There is increasing emphasis today on the holistic side of interior design and how people are affected by the design of the spaces they live and work in. This day introduces students to the fundamentals of scale, ergonomics and proxemics and use of the architectural grid through a series of short presentations and workshop sessions to produce a workable layout ensuring a good traffic flow around an area.

Day 1 syllabus includes:



Anthropometrics - Human Dimensions

The planning procedure (zoning)

Planning considerations (lifestyle, climate, etc)

Use of the architectural grid

Use of templates

Traffic flows

Design orders including axis, datum, symmetry, asymmetry, rhythm & repetition, hierarchy

Development of small residential plan following a client brief, developing zoning and planning solutions.

Proportioning systems and other design techniques and their uses in interior design.

Day 2 – Design Systems and Principles

Throughout the centuries western interior design has been mainly based on the classical method of proportioning and these elements are still evident in contemporary interiors even though the actual detailing may have been greatly reduced or even omitted. Other systems such as an oriental grid system or Corbusiers Modular system offer different solutions to space planning. This day, through a series of short presentations and of workshops, will help students understand how these fundamental principles can be applied to their own design work.

Day 2 syllabus includes:

Measured and Visual Scale

The Golden Section

The Fibonacci series

The Orders

The Ken

Corbusier and the Modular System

Development of elevation utilising proportioning methods

There will be opportunity at the end of the two days to discuss good and bad practice and to view each other's designs.


This course takes place in London.

9.30am arrival on day 1. Teaching hours 10.00am - 4.00pm

Course Materials


  • All materials for this course are included in the course fee.

Additional information

9.30am arrival on the day. Teaching hours 10.00am - 4.00pm Breakfast refreshments and a light lunch will be provided on the first day. While a vegetarian option is made available, we are unable to cater to specific food intolerances or food allergies.

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