SketchUp – Beginners/Intermediate with Federica Capitani

Ref: K6P13618

About this course

SketchUp is a very powerful yet intuitive package. From conceptual sketching to video animation, it allows three dimensional modelling that is fast and accurate. It comes as near as possible to drawing on a piece of paper with the added features of computer technology.

SketchUp works with many file formats including AutoCAD files and 3D Studio and is quickly becoming an industry standard. Our course, which runs over six Monday evenings, will lead you from its basic principles to the advanced digital techniques many designers are already enjoying.

Course Description

Program Overview Interface and Settings:

• Settings PC vs MAC

• Basic Techniques, Inferring, Good Sketch Up Habits, 2D/3D Environment, Navigating in Space

• Edit Menu and Large Tool Set

• Drawing a 2D plan from a survey

• Drawing a 2D plan re-tracing a JPG

• Push/Pull Tool: creating a 3D model from a 2D plan

• Creating openings (doors and windows) using Tape Measure

• Tool for creating Guidelines

• Warehouse: importing furniture into your model

• Locating furniture into your model: Scale – Rotate – Move

• Rendering your model importing Sketch Up default materials and textures

• Paint Bucket Tool.

Groups, Components, Outliner

• Customising furniture imported from 3D Warehouse

• Customising your model: importing clients fabrics and wallpapers

• Creating skirting boards and cornices using Follow Me Tool

• Reference Tools: Dimensions, Axes, Text

• Printing and Output Options.

Setting up a presentation – Step 1: Saving Views

Setting up a presentation – Step 2: Styles

Setting up a presentation – Step 3: Creating an animation/video

Creating sections: Section Plane


This course takes place in London.

Teaching hours 6pm - 8.30pm

6 Monday evenings


Federica Capitani

Italian designer Federica Capitani studied Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Genova.

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