Reuse + Recycle

Make more. Waste less

Craft courses for the eco-conscious, using sustainable resources. This selection of short courses will help you re-use waste materials, and use materials found in nature and that are more eco-friendly, using natural dyes for example. 

Transforming something discarded by others, which can no longer be used for its original purpose into something beautiful and useful is at the heart of upclycling. It can be very rewarding and fulfilling to give a new life to old or broken objects. Maybe you have been on walks and love foraging for different materials, then how about our online sculpture course? Or perhaps you've collected some old or broken decorative plates you would love to make something new from? Then our creative mosaics course would be perfect. 

Many courses are suitable for all abilities, so if you're new to re-using and upcycling or have been on similar courses before, our tutors will guide you through all the processes involved.