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  • How to prune wall-trained fruit trees (S1D31321)

    19 Sep 2024. Learn how and why we prune wall-trained fruit trees, the different tree forms and shapes and which situation suits each best. Pome fruit and stone fruit will be discussed on this day which includes demonstrations in the West Dean Garden...

  • Growing apples, pears, plums and cherries (S1D32392)

    16 Nov 2024. An introductory guide to growing tree fruit, including selecting rootstocks and varieties, general care and management, including pests and disease, and formative pruning. Tutors: Sylvia Travers

  • Growing soft fruit (S1D32393)

    17 Nov 2024. Learn how to select, grow and care for a range of soft fruit, including gooseberries, currants, raspberries, hybrid berries and strawberries. The day will include demonstrations in West Dean Gardens. Tutors: Sylvia Travers

  • Renovating orchard trees (S1D33003)

    1 Feb 2025. Learn how to renovate neglected and overgrown orchard trees. The main focus will be apples and pears, with some time spent looking at plums and cherries. The day will include demonstrations in West Dean Gardens orchard. Tutors: Sylvia Tra...

  • Nurturing the world beneath your feet – understanding soil and making compost (S1D33005)

    2 Feb 2025. This course offers a comprehensive overview of soil and how, with good compost, you can really improve your garden. It will cover the basics of soil composition, the complexity of life it contains and how to improve and care for it. Homem...