Declutter and destress

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Location: London

About this course

Learn how to organise your wardrobe, discover clever storage ideas and tips on space-saving furniture and embrace the transforming effects decluttering has on wellness.

Course Description

Whether you are a practising interior designer or looking to declutter your home, this one-day course offers you a complete guide to decluttering your home and destressing your life.

In a time when people are more stressed out than ever, minimalism and the KonMari method are taking over our social media feeds. All these lifestyles promote some version of getting rid of stuff you don't need and having a clutter-free home to live a simpler, more joyful life.

This course will cover:

What Is Decluttering?

•Decluttering & Wellness - Psychology Behind Decluttering

Clever Space-Saving Solutions:

•Hallways & Stairs-Styling & Storage

•Wardrobe Planning

•Room By Room - How To Maintain A Tidy, Clutter-Free Home

•Home Office Organisation Ideas

•Small Space Living Tips - How To Create An Illusion Of More Space While Maintaining Style

•Workshop Designing & Specifying Built-In Storage


This course takes place in London.

9.30am arrival on the day.

Teaching hours 10.00am - 4.00pm

Course Materials

Additional information

9.30am arrival on the day. Teaching hours 10.00am - 4.00pm Breakfast refreshments and a delicious light lunch will be provided. While a vegetarian option is made available, we are unable to cater to specific food intolerances or food allergies.

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