Oil gild and decorate a frame and mirror glass with Richard Walker

Ref: S1D30070

Location: West Dean
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About this course

Celebrate this ancient craft by learning about oil gilding, as you learn to gild on glass using the verre églomisé technique, surrounded by an oil gilded frame, using various colours of precious metal leaf.

Course Description

In this introduction to oil-gilding you will work on a small frame using precious metal (gold/white gold/copper/silver), and decorated to your own manner. The inset glass will be glass gilded in a Verre Églomisé decorative style.

Gilding has been around for over 4500 years, and is conducted through three disciplines of oil, water and glass gilding. Celebrate this ancient craft by having a taster of two of these, oil and glass gilding, in a single project.

You will create an antique-effect mirror in a gilded wooden frame. The workshop will cover preparing the frame alongside an adjacent A4 piece of wood that will be used as a sample / tester piece to conduct various finishes. You will then select your favourite finish to complete upon the surface of the frame.

The glass insert of the frame will also be gilded with pure silver, and decorated in a manner of your choice to create an antique mirror finish.

By the completion of the day, you will have a basic understanding of the oil gilding technique on frames, in a range of different metals, including pure gold, white gold, copper and silver and have an introduction into patination of gold and copper finishes. You will understand the basic principles of applying silver leaf to glass, ways of tarnishing or antiquing the leaf and how to back-up the leaf up on the reverse of the frame.

You may also bring small items for discussion about gilding, as well as engage in general conversation about the pedigree of this most beautiful of crafts.


Timetable for one day courses

Students should arrive by 9am for registration.

Classes are from 9.15 - 5pm

Lunch is included.

Course Materials


  • On this course the tutor will provide the materials including all adhesives, patination chemicals, basic gilding sundries, a selection of different metals, including silver and white gold and a simple wooden frame and glass to gild. A panel for sampling is also provided.

What students need to bring

  • An apron and suitable shoes for the workshop.
  • Optional: You may also bring any small items for discussion that you may be interested in gilding in future projects following the course.

Available to buy

  • Available from tutor:
  • Additional gold leaf and other precious metal leaf if you wish to use more than supplied for the workshop. This may cost you between £15-25 depending on what you use.

Additional information

Wear appropriate clothing/aprons for the workshop or studio, this includes stout covered footwear i.e. no open-toes or sandals. Safety boots, if specified.


Richard Walker portrait

Richard Walker

Richard Walker studied gilding at the University of Portsmouth. Gilding for twenty years and teaching for fifteen, he has developed a global reputation to top artists, framers, furniture designers, interior designers and museums, where he is renowned for creating new and interesting ways of gilding surfaces in traditional and modern methods.​

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