Artist Profile: Lotti V Closs

I am in my first year of the Master of Fine Art Postgraduate Degree at West Dean, specialising in Sculpture. I previously studied at Nottingham Trent University for my Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, graduating in 2009.

My practice investigates the relationships between material, process and discipline, combining handcrafted or artisanal methods with everyday or industrial resources. I am interested formally in how we imbue significance or worth to an image, object or space, frequently inspired by the imagery of myth and folklore, emblems and symbols, ritual and ceremony, collections and modes of display. The work I make is often informed by the relationship between style and identity, and how the ideals or history of a generation, culture or belief system can be encapsulated within its own visual language.

I aim to question pre-conceived boundaries of discipline aesthetic through exploring ideas of inherent or projected value and function. Within this, I am currently exploring the role of the decorative in contemporary art and culture, and how this affects our attitudes to categorizing the world of objects around us. I look to create work that has a sense of implacable familiarity, working from re-interpretations of the recognisable against ideas of the fictional or exotic.
In my first term at West Dean I have been able to take advantage of its unique environment and resources, and have been working with both visiting artists and other departments to learn new practical skills and plan possible projects. Casting and Mould making in a range of materials, and sculpting from large-scale polystyrene have both informed new work and making techniques so far.