Fix Fix Fix

By Lorna Calcutt, Head of the Conservation of Ceramics department

Following an initial contact made by Dr David Stent, Head of the Visual Art department, on the evening of the 13th February 2013 ceramics conservator Jasmina Vuckovic and I were in Gallery S O, a lovely venue for displaying art in Brick Lane, London. Jasmina offered a masterclass in communicating conservation to an enthusiastic and creative audience. I brought a selection of objects to show conservation from partly to fully conserved, allowing visitors to see the effects of treatments.

Ceramic Conservation in Progress

The exhibition was stimulating and fun, curated by Glenn Adamson with the theme of repair and drawing together an eclectic mix of found, made and conceptual art. Jasmina, as a successful private practitioner in the studio of Sarah Peek in Brighton, had cleverly prepared a display of conservation materials while also demonstrating bonding of ceramics and giving the visitors the chance to bond some low-fired ceramics too. As an ex-West Dean student, Jasmina was the prefect advocate for our Programmes, as well as for conservation. Much conversation ensued about the philosophy of repair, conservation and restoration and it is hoped that all visitors to the exhibition yesterday who were engaged with our display enjoyed the experience.

It was also nice to see previous West Dean students, Rachel and Yuki at the exhibition, and to hear that they are enjoying their work in their different conservation disciplines.