Recently in Furniture

Some projects the postgraduates in the furniture department are working on right now:

Ryo is working on casting fills with pigmented polyester and epoxy resins to repair the losses to the intricate ivory inlay in this table.

This chess board is ivory and horn over turtleshell, and Gijs is pointing to an area where the wooden substrate has shrunk, forcing the turtleshell to distort. The wooden supports he made are keeping the whole thing upright until he repairs the connection to the base.

Another table Ryo is working on; furniture tutor Norbert is explaining the benefits of having a top that rotates (you don't have to reach that extra foot to get the bon bons on the other side, for example), while Ryo is explaining the dentistry loss replacement he's going to do to these creatures on the feet, who have lost tongues and teeth.