Talking Threads at the V&A

On the 14th November, two members of staff from West Dean Tapestry Studio will be presenting lectures at the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of the series Talking Threads: A History of Tapestry and Embroidery.

According to the V&A website, the series is designed to develop a "greater understanding of these two art forms, learn about their techniques, designs and functions, and discover the cultural and personal stories they tell. In embroidery a needle and thread are used to add a design to fabric, in tapestry-weaving the design is an integral part of the woven structure. These are two very different techniques, both dating back to antiquity, both using wool, silk and metal threads to add to the beauty of life. Explore their history through time and across the continents, see how they reflect the beliefs and concerns of their makers and learn how contemporary embroiderers and tapestry-weavers are still at the cutting edge of artistic expression."

At 2pm Katherine Swailes, senior weaver at West Dean Tapestry Studio, will give a talk entitled: Re-designing the Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn for the reconstruction of the Unicorn tapestries for James V's apartments at Stirling Castle.

At 3.20pm, Philip Sanderson, Creative Director of the studio and Associate Tutor in the Visual Arts department, will present a lecture on Contemporary Tapestries at West Dean Tapestry Studio.

The event has sold out but more information can be found here.