The Hearing Trumpet

On show since the West Dean House Opening, an event taking place during the annual Apple Affair between 29th and 30th September 2012, a collaborative intervention by a group of artists comes to an end this week. The exhibition, entitled 'The Hearing Trumpet' (c0-curated by Natalie Gale and Rachel Macarthur) saw the fabric of West Dean House reassembled, remapped and retold "like a die-cut book" as the artists subverted various spaces through intervention and installation.

Playing with the Surrealist notion of a "...chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table" (André Breton), combined with references to Leonora Carrington's fantastical novel of the same title, 'The Hearing Trumpet' juxtaposed the absurd with the everyday in an attempt to create new ways of seeing, as objects merged into the rich tapestry of the Edward James collection.

Showing alongside extant pieces by Salvador Dalí and Rene Magritte, exhibiting artists included Katy Cole, David Cooper, Natalie Gale, Rachel Macarthur, Sally Madge, Tom Madge, Simson + Volley, Laura Taylor and Sarah West.

All images by Sarah West.