We've moved to a new website!

Please pardon us as we work out kinks during our move from Wordpress to the shiny new West Dean College website. In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy seeing some work by West Dean students, staff, & alumni out in the world:

Postgraduate books student Laura O'Farrell did half of her 6-week work placement at the Chester Beatty Library and wrote this post on their blog about her work.

While we're on the subject, C├ęcilia Duminuco (Books '15) is also at the Chester Beatty, on a prestigious one-year internship funded by the Chester Beatty Library and the Heritage Council of Ireland. You can read a bit about her work here.

Cambridge University Library just made this video on the conservation department preparing an exhibition. We have quite a few West Dean alumni working there, including Ngaio Vince-Dewerse, who narrates throughout. Also at Cambridge is Mary French (Books '13), with an update on her project here.

Here you can read about a new project I've just had come into my studio: a nine foot tall Piranesi etching. I'll be updating with new posts as the treatment and mounting progress.

Joe Irving & Nick Sykes (Furniture making '11)have recently-ish teamed up to form Irving Sykes Handmade Kitchens & Furniture; have a look at their lovely work in Bristol.

And for something completely different: Scarlett Hutchin (Metals '12) is taking a break from metals conservation to do a different kind of conservation on a little island off the coast of San Francisco... Read her post here.

- Abigail Bainbridge