World Book Day 2022: Five books from the library collection

For World Book Day, West Dean College Librarian Teresa Shergold has chosen to highlight a selection of books from the library collection that relate to the programmes taught within the School of Conservation across clocks, metals, furniture, ceramics and books specialisms. 

“The books have been chosen as just a little snapshot, to reflect the range of material and objects students might work on during their studies. They reflect some rather unusual objects or types of material; for example a Treen (wooden) object, or a piece of early Meissen porcelain.  

The book on Serrature Locks has been selected because our metalwork students on the conservation or the making (Foundation Degree Arts) pathway will often make a historic lock as their first project. This book has some marvellous, well produced and close up images of a great collection of locks offering inspiration to our students. 

Likewise, students on the books pathways look at different historic book structures as part of their studies. They will engage and develop skills in bookbinding, in relation to conservation, and as such this interesting book on Japanese Bookbinding is frequently consulted by our students.  

The last book is on Lantern Clocks and represents a classic work on this type of clock. Written by George White, a well-known Horologist, the book is probably one of the definitive works on this type of clock.” 

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