Certificate of Interior Design 2003 -

Caz Myers

Interior Designer

What were you doing before KLC and why did you decide to attend KLC?
I worked in Marketing and PR for about 12 years for Key West End theatre producers – an exciting and great job which I really enjoyed. In my spare time, I always helped friends with houses and bought my own and did them up. I seemed to end up in various magazines so realised that perhaps I could follow something I was becoming more and more passionate about. I used to spend quiet moments in my job looking up interior design courses and came across the KLC certificate which sounded like an exciting and inspiring course.

Can you identify some of the highlights of your time at KLC?
Even though the course was just ten weeks it was very informative about so many different areas. It gave me insight and inspiration and made me realise I really could be brave enough to change careers!

How has your career evolved since KLC?
Straight from KLC I was lucky to be able to secure a six month internship at a leading design company in North London. After 12 years in another industry, it was tough to start from scratch again but I knew I had to gain hands on experience in a design company. 

I worked hard and was thrilled when the internship led to a further six years with the company. I started as junior designer and worked my way up to senior designer. I worked on some fantastic projects with some great clients which was invaluable in giving me confidence, knowledge and experience. It was at this point that I felt it was the right time to set up my own interior design practice. 12 years on I haven't looked back. 

We have been so fortunate to work on some amazing projects. These include large-scale family homes in North, West and Central London, a number of apartments of varying styles, an apartment in Russia, a 15,000 square foot new-build property in Berkshire and collaboration with a number of developers on both show apartments and new build developments.

What are some of your recent projects?
We have been so lucky most recently to work on 4 full scale home renovations in North London, a 15,000 sq ft new build property in Berkshire – for which we have been shortlisted for 2 awards, a wonderful 7,000 sq foot family home and various show apartments.

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