Open Learning Interior Design Diploma -

Hannah Kerrison

Interior Designer

What is your professional background prior to KLC? 
I worked in International luxury real estate for approximately 6 years after leaving university. Having a degree in modern European languages allowed me to work on the Swiss, French and Italian markets, focusing predominantly on ski homes. I thoroughly enjoyed my job but I always felt that I would prefer to be in a more creative environment but I wasn't sure how this would be possible.  

When you were looking for courses, what appealed to you about this course? 
Most importantly, I wanted to go to the best school possible and KLC was the perfect choice. It came highly recommended to me by several interior design friends and I heard only good things regarding their significant reputation.

I also attended an open evening and was impressed not only by the very high level of work on display, the enthusiasm and openness of the tutors but also by the mix of people.

I was afraid of embarking upon a new direction in life as well as starting to study again but the diversity of the group made me realize that it was possible and that I was not the only one making this leap.

It was also very appealing that I could come and have tutorials as and when needed to assist me with my work.  

How does the course fit your lifestyle? 
It is very challenging to work full time and study. It is important to be extremely self motivated in order to stay on track. I usually try to do a few hours during the week and then work all weekend on the course. I lead a very busy life so this is not always possible- I do try to find some balance!  

What are you enjoying most about the course? 
I actually really enjoy technical drawing and sketching. It's a wonderful sense of achievement when you produce these visuals and see your concept come to life. I also love the 'History of Styles' sections. I worked for Sotheby's a long time ago and have always had a significant interest in antique pieces and their provenance.  

Where do you look for inspiration? 
I live in New York so there is plenty to absorb on a daily basis! I look at everything- the architecture, the colours around me, parks, museums, exhibitions, people, fashion magazines, interiors magazines, blogs....the list goes on.

I very much enjoy reading as many books as possible on 'notable' Designers; there is always so much to learn.

I also take photos constantly- it might be a tiled floor pattern in a restaurant or a detail on a chair. It drives my husband crazy but it's wonderful to have a collection of all these inspirational images.

I believe strongly that details make all the difference so I am always on the lookout for something interesting that I can potentially use in future projects.

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