Diploma HE Applied Interior Design -

Lina Hernandez

Interior Designer

What was your background before KLC? 
Prior to KLC, I have been working in retail for 6 years, with different furniture companies. I enjoy the process of helping and advising clients about furniture for their homes. So, this gave me an insight and inspired me to do the course.  

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
I had always had an interest in design as I wanted to be an architect but decided that interior design was more interesting for me in many ways. After working for a great company such as Aram, I found my self more in love with the industry. 

What did you think of the course?
Remarkably interesting hard at times, but after seeing the development and how I evolved its quite rewarding. It has provided me with a wide range of ideas to explore within my field. The course provides a working environment that is in such way as practical and helped in getting an idea of how we would work in real studio, I found this extremely useful. 

What are your design interests/strengths?
I enjoy very much working on SketchUp, as well as making physical models being hands on. I enjoyed doing the plans on AutoCAD, and by hand even though is not what designers do anymore, but its very calming. I can say one of my other strengths are- sourcing and FF&E, I quite enjoy researching new materials and new trends as I have had a bit of experience in this field for a while. I do really enjoy it.

What space inspires you?
I love nature and tropical habitats to be able to connect and explore different textures as well as beautiful vivid colours. Travelling is a big inspiration to me and seeing different cultures, London as we have so much diversity in one city. Beautiful locations and a lot to be inspired by. 

Who is your favourite designer?
Hard question, as I like All designers from 1920s to 1940s such as, Eileen Gray and Florence knoll. Powerful women and pioneers in the design world and still current to our day an age.  They inspire me every day.  

Where to from here?
I would like to explore the industry and be able to work in a studio with a team. I find that working with other people helps to expand your ideas and learn about yourself to provide a great and better service for your clients. 

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