Work by West Dean MFA alumni Cherie Lubbock

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 2014 - 2017

Sue Cooper


What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?
How frequently I am stopped by people in the local area who comment on my work. That, and building enough confidence to style myself as a Community Artist.

Talk us through your career path since graduating.
I have built a portfolio practice through involvement with a number of local community groups.

What projects are you currently working on?
A programme of care home visiting with 2 local mayors. A community mandala created by cancer patients and carers at a local cancer charity. Maintenence of 14 mandalas I installed in the chemo unit of the local hospital. Creating topical installations on the roof of a Thames barge, home to a mental health charity.

Do you have any tips for recent graduates?
You are told 'the work finds you'. Well, it does! Trust your instincts. If a project doesn't excite you, it's not worth it.

How do you think studying at West Dean College prepared you for what you do now?
I gained some needed technical skills. I also developed confidence to work differently and take my own path.

What's your favourite memory from your time at the College?
Making a life-sized puppet and dancing with it in WD bar!

Did you receive any form of funding to study at West Dean?
No, it was a huge investment.

Did you have a different career before coming to West Dean? If so why did you change career paths?
I was a management consultant but in my heart, I wanted to follow a creative path. When the time was right, I did.

West Dean School of Arts Credit-Thom Atkinson

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