Clock Conservation Diploma 1979 - 1980

Robert van Bueren

Clock Conservator

Studied at West Dean from 1979-80 on the 1 years clock course (British Antiques Dealer Association Diploma). Before going to West Dean worked for a year for the well known company E J Dent who made the famous clock in the Elizabeth Tower.

Previous to that studied on the British Horological Institute course at Hackney college for 2 years and am now an FBHI (Fellow of British Horological Institute).

At West Dean College, was awarded a scholarship and was taught on restoration of antique clocks and really enjoyed my time their and was the first time living away from home.

After West Dean worked for Classic Clocks assembling making and checking clock kits

Then I went to California for a few years in a danish town called Solvang 35 miles north of Santa Barbara and working on a wide range of clocks and which we did work for Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger and I did a clock for Bo Derek.

After working in America worked for a short time for a clock shop in Wandsworth then moved on to a clock shop in Hampshire which I am working there to this date.

Also have worked on several clocks for Sir Elton John as well.