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  • Throwing and turning – developing technique (SLW13403)

    8 to 11 February 2024. Improve upon your throwing and turning techniques. Revisit mugs and jugs with more precision, throw new shapes and increase scale. Tutors: Jo Taylor

  • Throwing and turning for beginners (S2D29702)

    2 to 4 April 2024. Work on your own potter's wheel as you develop your own designs and learn how to work with clay. You will be shown key techniques, including how to prepare and finish work. Tutors: Jo Taylor

  • Mugs, jugs and slip decoration – a throwers’ course (S3D29697)

    14 to 17 May 2024. Explore different ways to create mugs and jugs, either extending your throwing skills or building by hand with slabbing and coiling methods. Consider form, handles, functionality and decoration using a range of slip techniques. Tut...

  • Pottery weekender (SSW29698)

    18 to 19 May 2024. This course is a short weekend with a timetable variation: 10am-5pm on Saturday and 9am-4pm on Sunday. Get to grips with clay. Learn how to use the potter's wheel, press moulding techniques and slip decoration to make useful cer...

  • Slip decorated dishes (SWE29700)

    21 to 23 June 2024. Explore different ways to create open bowl forms, then decorate your works using a range of slip techniques. Tutors: Jo Taylor

  • Making ceramics inspired by West Dean (SSS29701)

    9 to 15 August 2024. Make a group of ceramics to decorate using the architecture, interiors, flora and fauna or landscape surrounding the College to inspire your pieces. You will be free to experiment with throwing, coiling or press moulding techniqu...

  • Coiling for pots or sculpture (S3D31307)

    26 to 29 August 2024. Explore coiling as a handbuilding method to create pots or sculpture and decorate your works using sprigs (small decorative clay additions) and a range of slip decorating techniques. Tutors: Jo Taylor