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  • Creative in-camera techniques – digital photography (SWE31629)

    31 May 2024 to 2 June 2024. Explore alternative techniques available to the photographer which can be achieved at the point of taking the photograph and with little or no post processing/editing required. Extend your repertoire and express your perso...

  • Photography – seascapes and coastal scenes (SLW31958)

    19 to 22 September 2024. Discover the photographic potential of the local Sussex coast and coastal towns combining both seascape and the surrounding urban landscape. Through both location and studio based tuition learn to take images with aesthetic a...

  • Smartphone photography (S1D33098)

    26 October 2024. Are you looking to master your mobile phone photography skills and unlock your creative potential? This course is designed to teach you how to take amazing photos using your smartphone camera, enhance them with popular photography ap...

  • Digital landscape photography (SWE32747)

    1 to 3 November 2024. Discover the secrets of capturing landscape images in autumn with maximum visual impact. Best use of equipment and the importance of pre-planning are covered, alongside how to enhance your images. Tutors: Roy Matthews