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Nick Barberton -

Nick has been making things from wood all his life. These are some of them.


Sycamore Chair
Facet Walnut
Carved Stool

Ollie Zwitserlood Knitwear -

Ollie has been making knitwear for 30 years. The garments are machine-knitted and finished by hand. They can be worn inside out as well as upside down. He uses only natural materials: mainly lambswool, baby-alpaca, mohair, linen and cotton.


Cardigan alpaca lambswool reversible
Cardigan lambswool reversible 2
Cardigan lambswool reversible 3
Cardigan lambswool reversible
jacket lambswool reversible

Patrick Edgeley -

Brighton & Hove based screen printer Patrick Edgeley creates limited edition prints that employ bold, hand drawn text and imagery. Americana, signs, packaging and pop culture are a great influence in these hand printed works. A love for all things typographical can be seen through out the work, something that stems from his many years work as a graphic designer. The posters are produced in short, limited edition runs.


Retro matchboxes-screen print-patrick edgeley
Retro Ice Creams screen print-patrick edgeley
Retro soda cans-screen print-patrick edgeley

Penny Warren -

A jewellery designer for over 20 years, Penny began to use pre-anodised aluminium in 2000 to express her love of colour without the use of stones or precious metals. Ink directly applied with a brush to the aluminium surface achieving a natural wash effect of colours has become her signature style. Combined with silver she produces collections of very wearable contemporary jewellery, with a price range to suit all.



Prilly Lewis -

Machine knitter and felt maker Prilly Lewis designs and makes homeware and accessories. Using British spun lambswool, all items are originally created from her central London studio. Whilst maintaining an individualistic quirkiness, she is able to remain true to her own style yet flexible enough to respond to the particular needs of individual commissions or outlet requirements.


Red Bobble Neck Scarf
Teal Bobble Neck Scarf
Dots and Vessels Cushion
Heart Cushion
Bright Tribal Blanket
Multi Triangle Blanket