Amanda Clayton

Having trained in Embroidery Amanda is still obsessed by the purity of thread and cloth.

She is now working freelance after an enjoyable and satisfying few decades working on Art Foundation courses. She enjoys sharing her practice with others and is particularly interested in the way we all respond to similar elements with our own visual language.

Describe your approach to teaching:
I enjoy a positive studio atmosphere of encouraging students and identifying their individual strengths whilst supporting an informed working process. My work is primarily in neutrals that can put the emphasis on elements that can ordinarily be overlooked. My creative practice is my life. It intertwines with my friends, family, home, garden, and travels…

What inspires your own work?
For an artist practising in any media the starting points are the same; looking, selecting and interpreting using the love and medium of drawing, which was instilled in me from a young age. The confidence that I had in the ability to be an individual was encouraged along the way.

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