Chris Daunt

Chris Daunt, Wood Engraver, Member of The Society of Wood Engravers.

Chris studied Fine Art and English Literature at Newcastle University. He has taught extensively in the UK, as well as Poland and the USA. He was an illustrator for many years and produced work for the BBC, Folio Society and Shell, and for several private presses. Chris is an elected member of The Society of Wood Engravers and is one of the few makers of engraving blocks in the world. His recent work has focused on the rare practice of colour wood engraving.

My approach to teaching is to emphasise both the art and the craft elements of the medium. I focus on the need for careful preliminary drawing and a precise approach to the technical aspects of wood engraving. I find that students appreciate such a structured approach.

My recent work is portraiture, mostly my daughter and dog, using multi block colour engraving. I have recently illustrated a collection of Simon Armitage's poetry. The greatest influence on my work is the late Monica Poole, whose early guidance was invaluable.

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