Embroidery with James Hunting

James Hunting

My approach to teaching is based on enabling you to gain an understanding and ownership of stitch as a media, which surpasses technical knowledge and encourages an emotional and intelligent application of thread. My first degree at Goldsmiths College established a rigorous and concept based approach to creative work, the 'why' is more important than the 'how' and I continue to explore this in my own work and during workshops I lead.

You are an individual with your own reasons and aspirations to explore your relationship with stitch and I believe that this must be supported by careful, well planned, and fast paced workshop experiences.

Time is always allocated to individual, as well as group, work and I consider the workshops as safe, supported beginnings of projects, new directions and often renewed creative energies. There is no wrong way to do anything, as long as it has been considered.

I am currently Course Leader of the BA Textile Design at The Cass, London Metropolitan University, a workshop leader for several groups across France, I mentor students who wish to progress onto Masters an PhD level studies and I regularly exhibit my own practice.

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