Nigel Melfi

Nigel Melfi is a Newark School trained Violin maker of approximately sixteen years. During this time, he has made a number of violins, violas and two cellos, which are currently played by a number of talented musicians around the country. He can usually be found at the BVMA 'Makers Day' in London, where he will sometimes display some of his recent work. In 2018, Nigel took part in the Cremona 'Trienalle' Violin Making Competition, where both his instruments, a violin and viola, did well. He teaches at Newark now.

I consider it important to try to inspire students, by hopefully giving them practical info as well as some historic, in order for them to catch a bigger glimpse of the amazing work that the 17th and 18th Century makers achieved. I find that if every student gets to the end of the day with that feeling of achievement, then good progression can be made.

I have been inspired by many things, but most often it will be a person and their ability or talent, as well as their attitude. I am often amazed at the stories that individuals have, which brought them to the place where they are now. Obviously, I strive to improve my work when faced with such a history of excellent crafts-people!

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