Peter Renn

Long established as a photographer, printmaker and educator, Peter Renn has been working in photography since the late 1980s. He has made editorial, fashion and advertising work for clients nationally and internationally.
He has written extensively on photographic techniques, both for print and online resources.  Peter has been a Senior Lecturer in Photography for over 25 years, mostly at a degree or postgraduate level. He has also taught all ages and abilities including smaller groups such as photography societies and private clients.  With specialist expertise in large format, film and darkroom-based work he is particularly interested in historic processes and alternative/experimental forms of image making.

What is your approach to teaching?
I use my enthusiasm and love for photography to inspire others to use their own talents to the full. Technical expertise shouldn’t be a goal in itself but a way to have the confidence to make wonderful things.

What inspires your own work?
The unique power of photography to transform the world: The joy of looking and re-presenting what I see.

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