Rie Takeda

Rie Takeda has worked as a professional calligrapher, artist and teacher for more than 20 years. She started practicing calligraphy at the age of five under the supervision of her grandmother. Later she completed the master of the Gayu calligraphy school in Japan. She also trained her Sumie ink painting skill in the Okino school.

Rie gives workshops, courses and supervisions in the UK, Europe and Japan. Rie produces calligraphy works, Painted Poem series, collages, print designs and works on Body-Art. She also continuously is involved in various artistic projects and collaborations.

Rie is also teaching short courses at the West Dean London Bloomsbury campus. (Please see the link in the Short Courses toolbar on the website)

Describe your approach to teaching

My approach to teaching is meditative, creative and individual. I focus on student's mindfulness process, mind and body connection, hands-on guidance, rising energy flow and awareness throughout the learning flow.

What inspires your own work? 

My inspirations are classic calligraphy, Japanese literature/Haiku poetry, Ukiyoe and the floating world, Japonisme influenced art, art of Taisho (1910-20's) As well as everyday life's living words, sounds and letters, living colours, lines, patterns and shapes in nature. 

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