Charcoal artwork by Tiffany Robinson Tutor at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

Tiffany Robinson

Programme Coordinator - Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Tiffany studied interactive media for her MA (2005) making art films and immersive sci-art installations on perception and nanoscale. She is currently a tutor, mentor (The Art of Enquiry) and walking artist making intuitive drawings using natural and digital media. Tiffany is recipient of Arts Council England Grants for Arts award, residencies include Cambridge Sustainability Residency, Natural England and she exhibits nationally. Associate Lecturer, BA (all levels) 2005-2010; co-Founder and co-Director of Ch-Art Artist Network 2006-2012; member of ARTEL contemporary art group 2013-15; Women Artists Walking Group 2018-current.

Research interests

Her work deals with a post-modern estrangement from nature towards a being more than human through alignment with nature. Defining her research studio as the forest, the metaphysical walks are performances in themselves, as well as a means for primary recordings and observations. Through Acts of Noticing, the artist seeks to ‘see’ beyond the physical form of an object, or the story of a subject, towards a more expanded understanding and experience. The work is intuitive, expressive, dreamlike. There is a re-enchantment in relationship with nature and with materials. She uses natural materials such as egg tempera, charcoal, chalk gesso, the artworks can be identified with location of the walks, currently the South Downs.

With the walking group, Tiffany works with three artists in different regions of England. They walk together in time, and apart in location. The walks are monthly at full moon, with dialogues and sharing made through the use of digital media both during and after the walk events. The project has changed how they experience the land, their walks and each other. It has raised questions on access to rural spaces for women, and they are currently working on a research proposal for a residency to review and develop a cohesive dialogue, creative response and exhibition. 

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