Applications for Las Pozas Visiting School

Architectural Association / Las Pozas Visiting School

Wednesday 5 - Monday 24 August 2015 Las Pozas Visiting School will be revisiting modern precedents of abstract architecture and produce a series of 1:1 concrete interventions in the Mexican jungle. The workshop will be based in Edward James' surrealist garden in Las Pozas and will explore the formwork techniques developed by him and his workers on the site. The Visiting School will be looking at the vast legacy of Mexican modernism as well as relevant examples of experimental architecture and sculpture, with a particular focus on concrete experimentation. Departing from a study of the intricate wooden formworks, we will develop casting methods by rescaling as well as defragmenting and collaging the formworks and casts, while experimenting with local aggregates and incorporating new techniques.On the grounds of minimalist sculpture, pre-hispanic monumentalism and geometric abstractionism, we will propose a series incisions and precise landscape interventions around neighboring communities as well as in Las Era, a new site within the Las Pozas Gardens which we started developing last year as place for production.To apply for the Visiting School see details here: