First term experiences at KLC School of Design

by Annabel Davies

Term one done. However, my work is far from done. As I write this to reflect on my first term at KLC, I have quite a bit of work to complete. But I’ll put that to one side and look back on what has been a thoroughly enjoyable term.

My first day was great. As soon as I reached reception, I was greeted so warmly by the friendly staff. Any nervousness I may have had disappeared after that. I had a strong feeling that ‘I’m in the right place’ which has remained throughout the term. As expected, there was a bit of housekeeping and then we received a KLC tote bag containing a scale ruler, tape measure, sketchbook, 2B pencil and a branded USB stick. Which has definitely been put to good use.

Although only a third of the course has passed, I am quite amazed with how much we have packed in. We have covered so many topics from concepts, sketching, design briefs, hard and soft materials to evolution of style, space planning and bathrooms where we l learnt how important the soil pipe is when designing a bathroom. The topic I enjoyed the most which was is not a surprise is Colour Theory! I’m obsessed with colour and completed a short course called ‘The Power of Colour’ in 2019 at KLC but it was good to refresh my mind of the different aspects of the topic.

I have really enjoyed the guest tutors. A few stood out for me because they each gave unique insight into their experiences of the world of interior design:

  • Bhavin Taylor from Bhavin Taylor Design gave us a real dose of reality regarding finding work and projects that reflect your style. It takes years of hard graft but it’s good to hear that he is now fulfilling projects that are aligned with his style. He also spoke about diversity in the industry which I appreciated especially as a recipient of the United in Design x KLC bursary.
  • Sue Whimster from Sue Whimster Curtains exuded enthusiasm for all kinds of window treatments.
  • Rory Robertson an Interior Editor specialising in styling, design and writing, over zoom managed to captivate the class on the world of Interior Styling. I thoroughly enjoyed his content and exercises.
  • Phil Robinson from Paint the Town Green who are high-end painter and decorators educated us on paint, wallpaper and its application. He also focused on the realities of client relationships and how to avoid misunderstandings with clients.

Our main course tutor Fiona has been great. My class organised a Christmas present and card because we felt that she has been helpful, engaging and positive.

I have had some positive experiences outside of class and I’m fully aware that those moments wouldn’t have happened if I was not studying at KLC. It’s only been one term and I can recall at least three experiences that have solidified my adoration for interior design.

  • It is such an advantage being situated in the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour because we have a plethora of world-renowned interior design businesses and suppliers. I have managed to visit a few showrooms. I loved the warmth, hospitality and service from particularly Schumacher and SA Baxter.
  • I attended Decorex for the first time and managed to meet Alexandria Dauley the co-founder of United in Design and visited many stands offering all kinds of products and services. It’s definitely in my calendar for 2022 to visit again.
  • Attending Decorex also helped me build connections with interior businesses. I was surprised to receive an email offering me the possibility to do an internship with one the design companies.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing… I do find that I am battling with time, all the time! I am currently working part-time alongside studying this part-time certificate course. Despite being organised, I have had to up the ante with my routine to make time to complete my homework and projects.

However, that all is said and done, I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about a subject I adore. I have my project and assignment to complete now.

Bring on term two!