Heavy Metal: Anne Alldread

I am currently studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Tapestry & Textile Art at West Dean College. My work is concerned with isolating fragments from the layers of history left by both the elements and human occupation. Displaced over time, these fragments are brought together to form new and unexpected arrangements. My practice is constantly developing as I work with a broad variety of materials - including copper, wood, yarn and felt. Recently I have been questioning the relevance of the 'frame' and exploring work within and outside such structures.

Full-time students at West Dean have the opportunity to attend various Short Courses as part of their studies. I recently attended a course in Blacksmithing under the tutor Melissa Cole. I was interested to discover, through practical experimentation, how very hard components could be contrasted with more traditional textile materials. I found the process of forming and manipulating metal into flowing shapes a hard but very satisfying way to work. I then was able to combine these resistant elements with soft, pliable materials to create a sculptural work which may be seen as finished but which will also inform future ideas. [AA]