Interiors 3D Models

Who wouldn’t want to step into the future? Probably, just a few. While for the rest of us curious dreamers, a glimpse into tomorrow, is probably what we would ask the Genie of the Lamp!

The magic world of interior design has always been a way of looking into the future. Interior designers are, in a way, the magicians who turn a concept into reality. They can show what future spaces could look like, and tailor them to our liking, as recently showcased on the BBC2 TV program ‘Your Home Made Perfect’.

It is amazing how technology has enhanced - and practically perfected - the process of creating a 3D model of a space. There are software programs that confer a degree of reality which, until now, was unprecedented.

This is what Revit® does.

Revit® is a very powerful BIM (Building Information Modelling) system taught here at KLC. For years, KLC students have been wowing tutors and showcasing their original design proposals by running digital fly-throughs of photorealistic rendered models.

This impressive piece of technology produces consistent, coordinated and complete model-based building designs and documentation. It automatically updates floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D views and uses 3D visualizations to see a space before it’s created.

Autodesk, Revit’s creators, have recently launched Revit® Live – a cloud service which turns 3D models into an immersive experience. Revit® Live allows you to move around a scene using room-scale virtual reality (VR), where you are actually able to physically move within the space. By replicating real-world movement, this type of virtual reality makes everything seem more real than a VR room's self-contained environment or seated/standing VR.

BBC2 caught up with this technology recently in its hit show, ‘Your Home Made Perfect’. The architecture makeover show harnesses the power of 3D CAD, combined with virtual reality headsets, and takes homeowners through two competing, barnstorming visions of their upgraded and extended properties.

We all probably agree with the executive producer of the show, Joff Wilson, who explains: “The popular bit of any property show is the big reveal. Viewers flock to that last 15 minutes, and for good reason – it’s joyful. It’s flooded with tips, inspiration and uplifting sync, plus all the best shots…[With VR we]…could give people a chance to see designs beyond their wildest imaginations, even before opening a can of paint or touching a single brick.”

The show producers describe the moment the homeowners put the headset on as an outpouring of emotions. People were mesmerised and became speechless, their eyes filled with tears of joy. This is how they felt as they were able to see the future space in such a realistic, fully immersive virtual environment.

This shows the power of technology which is employed to materialise one’s imagination. For most, seeing is believing. Often people feels too overwhelmed by the hard process required to create a new space and lose sight of the positives of the future. Despite the fact that 2D visuals can be very compelling, nothing beats being able to move around a space!

KLC offers a range of short courses on CAD skills, as these software programs have become an essential part of the Interior Design industry.