Extended Practice: Margaret Jones

I joined the Graduate Diploma in Tapestry and Textile Art course in October and my feet have not touched the ground since. This term we complete a module of 'extended practice'. For this I chose photography, partly because it is a much more immediate medium than tapestry weaving but also because I already use a camera to capture images for my sketch book and so these images can help inform my future practice. It has been a steep learning curve between getting to grips with manual settings on a DSLR camera and increasing my knowledge of the Photoshop.

I have tried to capture light and dark in the images, sometimes enhancing the contrast in Photoshop. Turning them into black and white immediately makes the image slightly abstract as we naturally see in colour and our brains have to compensate.

Since arriving at West Dean my work has become almost completely monochrome. This is an interesting development for me as I continue to explore light, dark and the concealed image.