Meissen Pierced Dish: Challenge Solved

Here are some pictures of the two pierced dishes I worked on. Since the last time I wrote about them here I have been doing colour filling on losses to the pierced decoration and some retouching to the last one. This means the dishes recovered their appearance and are now stable.

The fills were made by mixing the epoxy resin used for bonding with fumed silica to make a paste suitable for spatula application. This paste was then tinted with dry powder pigments to match the original colours.

By building up the layers of the porcelain colour and managing their translucency I was able to recreate an approximate tone to the original.

The fills were then polished with Micromesh® to give them a sheen; however, though they blend in, they are still discernible to the naked eye.

After that I applied thin lines of Golden® gold acrylic paint to both sides to reinstate the gilded decoration. And guess what, challenge solved! Here are some detailed pictures. Thank you for reading!