Musical Instruments study trip to Paris

Just before Easter break, second year students on the FdA Musical Instruments programmes went on a study trip to Paris.

During their trip, they visited Musée de la musique and spent time in the museum's laboratory with Collection Curator Jean-Philippe Échard.

With one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world, the Musée de la musique provided a unique opportunity for students to closely examine, conduct photogrammetry and take measurements of three instruments from the collection: a Bass Viol by Michel Colichen (1683), Selmer Guitar by Django Reinhardt (1940) and Cello by Matteo Goffriler (1710). As a result of this unique access to the instruments, students were able to gain deeper understanding and inisght into how each instrument was made, in order to recreate similar instruments.

Whilst in Paris, students also visited the workshops of Viol Makers Judith Kraft and Mathieu Pradel for an insight into what tools, their approach to making and how they collaborate. They also also had the opportunity to visit the workshop of West Dean Musical Instruments alumnus Jean-Louis Trocherie to learn about his business model, approach to selling instruments, and for an insight into what he's been up to since graduating.

On their final evening, the students visited the Regional Conservatory of Paris for a rehearsal with the early music bowed stringed musical instruments students.