The Regis School sculpt in the landscape

Short course tutor Dan Lobb recently visited The Regis School to deliver Sculpture in the Landscape workshops to Years 9 and 10 as part of their Super Curricular day. Pupils were off-timetable for the day, participating in creative activities they wouldn’t normally have the chance to do. 

In his introduction, Dan explained that this session was about using materials found naturally in the school gardens and that the pupils should just see what happened, creating their sculpture in a very mindful, relaxing way.

Pupils used materials such as leaves, twigs, flowers, logs, feathers and falling fruit from trees to create a variety of artwork that included circular patterns, pentagons, garlands and log features.  

Dan commented “It was lovely to see different interpretations of this sculpture activity and where the pupils take their inspiration.” 

One pupil commented “It is a very relaxing session  - I started with a small circle and just ran with it.” 

Another pupil who was working with a flower arrangement said this reminded her of her primary school days when there was no right or wrong. 

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