Residency in partnership with Cass Sculpture Foundation

For this year's annual kiln project Cass Sculpture Foundation have partnered with West Dean College and invited four artists from Glasgow Sculpture Studio to undertake a residency to support the development and realisation of new artworks. Whilst based at West Dean College the artists will develop a series of ceramic pieces in the College's workshops, these will then be fired in the wood kiln at Cass.

This residency forms part of a year-long project curated by Glasgow-based artist Josée Aubin Ouellette, Cass Curatorial Director Claire Shea and Assistant Curator Helen Turner.

The first stage of this project took place in Glasgow in April 2016 as part of Glasgow International Festival. Supported by Glasgow Sculpture Studios and SWG3, six artists worked to create small clay works. This practical research stage was used as a way for the artists to work together to uncover the psychological, emotional, and bodily resonance of clay. The ceramic works, together with a collection of written texts and live readings at SWG3, explored the ceramic process - its invisible and symbolic labour, and its psychological and bodily connection to our unspoken personal (and feminist) everyday lives.

The West Dean College residency and wood-firing marks the second stage of this project which will result in an exhibition and publication later in the year.

The four artists attending the residency will engage with MA students on the Visual Arts programmes, conducting one-to-one tutorials and group crits. Our students will be invited to attend the firing and develop their understanding and awareness of professional practice opportunities.

Residency: August 22nd - September 6th

Artists: Jennifer Bailey, Suzanne Déry, Aideen Doran and Josée Aubin Ouellette.

Artist bios:

Josée Aubin Ouellette

Ouellette's practice encompasses sculpture, writing and performance. She is interested in how an object and material can be experienced physically and subjectively. In her most recent projects she has focused on ergonomics and how bodies and objects co-operate together in order to explore ideas concerning contemporary social and physical perceptions of dependency. This process often results in performative works centred around a body of writing, where human interaction is employed to animate her prop-like works. There is a utilitarian aspect to Ouellette's sculptural objects, whose aesthetic or industrial function is not quite clear giving the work an unsettling angle.

Josée Aubin Ouellette was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1986. She studied at The University of Alberta in 2007 and graduated with an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2012. A selection of solo and group exhibitions includes: BODY BLOCKS, Govanhill Baths, for Glasgow International; Prospecthills, (film screening) with Erik Osberg, CCA Cinema, Glasgow; MILK, Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton; Extreme Unction, with Erik Osberg, Generator Projects, Dundee (forthcoming); Mineral Supplements, SWG3 (2016); Glasgow There is no There, Hamilton Artists Inc; Future Station, The Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art (2015) Skirt the parlour, and shun the zoo, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff (2013).

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey's work is concerned with the individual as self-conscious and how subjects represent themselves through lifestyle choices. Her work interrogates different visual codes that permeate society. She often uses everyday objects, photography and performance to draw on her own family as subject and material in order to discuss wider notions of aesthetic representation of class

Jennifer Bailey was born in 1984 and currently lives and works in Glasgow. She studied BA Fine Art (Honours) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and graduated with an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art. A selection of solo and group exhibitions include: Mineral Supplements Performance Event, SWG3, Glasgow; Will I Make a Good Father, Mother, Sister? Collective, Edinburgh, UK; A brief history of girliness, Space in Between, London, UK; Women and Walls, Reflektor M, Munich, Germany (2016); Flats, Intermedia, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK; That's Genetic, cur. Simon Gowing, 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow, UK; The Grind, Voidoid Archive, Glasgow, UK (2015); Studio Projects, Market, Glasgow, UK; Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken, cur. Quinn Latimer, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, UK; Essays, Vantage Point, Brighton, UK (2014); Conversation #3 (with Claire Baily), Millington Marriott at Weekends, London, UK (2011); Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

Suzanne Déry

Suzanne Déry is a French Canadian artist who works in installation, sculpture, printmaking and video. Déry often uses symbolism in order to hint at mysticism and spiritualism in her work.

Suzanne Déry was born in Montréal, Canada and currently lives and works in Glasgow, UK. She attended John Abbott College, Montréal, Canada, DEC Fine Art and graduated from Concordia University Montréal, Canada and Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK. A selection of solo and group exhibitions includes: Mineral Supplements, SWG3, Glasgow; A Piece for Movement and the Magic Lantern, collaborative performance The MA Museum, Brooklyn NYC (2016); Cosmology Of III, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art Glasgow (2014); I Went To The Moon And Brought You Back Earth, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal, Canada (2011).

Aideen Doran

Aideen Doran plays with notions of artistic labour and material production in her work. She is interested in how being an artist inherently subverts the common conception of productivity. She often draws on pre-existing texts and appropriates pre-established materials and content in order to separate them from their utilitarian function. She has recently begun to adopt digital media in order to create ambiguous and speculative narratives surrounding her chosen materials. She aims to highlight the contingent aspect to information and materiality and draw attention to how it is always subject to chance, nature and degradation.

Aideen Doran was born in Northern Ireland in 1984 and currently lives and works in Glasgow. She studied BA Fine & Applied Art (First Class Honours), at The University of Ulster and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art. She also holds a Practice-led PhD in Visual Art from Northumbria. A selection of solo and group exhibitions include: Mineral Supplements commissioned by Cass Sculpture Foundation at SWG3, Glasgow; The Imagined City, audio bus tour of Belfast city; Coppice at Verge Gallery, Sydney, Australia; Power User, screening at The New- Bridge Project, Newcastle (2016) Film Open touring programme: Spike Island, Bristol Castlefield Gallery ICA, London; Im Bau (solo project), Grand Union, Birmingham (2015); Manchester, Eastside Projects, Birmingham; S1 Artspace, Sheffield, Transmission, Glasgow; Looking for Work, group show at Regina Rex, Brooklyn, U.S.A. (2014); Momentous Times, group show at CCA Derry/Londonderry (2013) In 2016 Dorna was shortlisted for the Margaret Tait Award for artist's working with moving image. Featherweight Portable Museum, touring group show at Oksasenkatu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, Gallery Rajatile, Tampere, Finland & Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2012).

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