Scholarship Graduate Experience

KLC's recent United in Design Scholarship graduate shares her thoughts, experiences and advice from studying on KLC's Certificate Residential Interior Design.

What was your background before being awarded the United in Design Scholarship and joining the KLC? 
I have a degree in Marketing and worked as a Marketing and Office Manager for a commercial property company. For many years I have wanted to have a career where I can apply my love for colour and interior design answered my wish.

How do you feel about your studies at the KLC School of Design?
I received my overall result recently and I was very happy and proud of what I had achieved. I thoroughly enjoyed being a student in spite of the time constraints I faced in completing my assignments. I would not change anything about my experience at KLC though. It is great to have covered so many subjects within a year which I feel have given me a strong foundation to enter the interior design industry.

What are your design interests and strengths?
I absolutely adore colour and I have spent a lot of time reading about the subject. To broaden my knowledge, I usually attend events and exhibitions that focus on colour. I was happy to show this passion in all my work at KLC which in turn has given me more confidence to use it going forward. I’m excited to apply colour in my future work in interior design.

I also like designs that take influence and pay homage to cultures and heritage. These references bring meaning and help create a story with design.

Where to from here? Will you be reaching out to our careers team to progress into the industry?
I will definitely engage with the careers team for any assistance to help find my first position in the interior design industry. I'm ready for my learning to continue whilst working.  

What advice would you give to someone starting their course at KLC?
Take advantage of peer feedback and critique. Embrace the power of peer communication whether it is via a WhatsApp group or lunchtime chats. They helped me massively in addition to the great academic support from staff.

Also, enjoy every moment because time does fly by.