The Benefits of Bespoke Joinery

by Evie Dunbhavin-Hands

The difference between a ‘bespoke’ and a ‘standard’ can be compared to that of a Savile Row tailor and a suit retailer on the high street. A tailor from Savile Row may need to see a customer three or four times to produce a perfectly fitting suit; they would also have served time acquiring the traditional skills and artistry. A tailor from the high street would take a standard (ready-to-wear) template and make some minor adjustments – the garment can be ready in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Bespoke are those where craftsmen are engaged to produce from the original designer’s drawings. Special sizes aren’t a problem: height, width, depth, curves and angled cabinets are all possible. To produce a truly bespoke kitchen can take up to 10 weeks or longer to produce (bespoke kitchens are made up of cabinets, whilst ‘made to measure’ kitchens are made up of kitchen ‘units’).  

Custom made cabinetry can be fitted precisely to the space it is designed for, allowing you to break free of the confinement and restrictions of readymade options. Bespoke Kitchens & Furniture enables you to select the style you need to fit the space you have – perfectly.

Benefits of Bespoke Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home and often performs numerous functions to suit the needs of the homeowner. This hardworking space requires particularly thoughtful planning, and no one-size fits all. How we cook, what we store; how we live, dine, move and entertain all impact the kitchen space. Buying off-the-peg cannot always meet these demands and intricacies, and this is when bespoke is the best option. A tailored, handmade kitchen allows you to maximise all available space you have - making sure form-and-function blend perfectly. No matter the shape, size or height of the space you have for your kitchen, a bespoke option will ensure the result exploits them all. Style, colour, materials, lighting and cabinet size can all be personalised to each project - making for a truly amazing space.

Designing a piece specifically for a space, means you can increase usefulness in many ways. Bespoke fitted furniture can enhance the storage capabilities, benefiting from even the most troublesome of spaces. It can get around any space challenge since it is fitted precisely as per your specifications and can be crafted for displaying special items, or even conceal others.

Specially crafted furniture can be as intricate as you like; also, it has the benefit of having the ability to blend into your home seamlessly. Regardless of whether you need new cabinetry with extra space or a built-in desk, bespoke furnishings enable you to address the issue of flexibility, negating the need to compromise when using off-the-peg alternatives.

Unique Style
Custom furniture appeals to even the most uncompromising tastes, giving you control over each and every aspect can all be tailored to the individual.

Uncompromising Quality
There is no comparison between the quality you achieve from a custom fitted piece made by a talented furniture maker and that of a mass-produced item. Bespoke furniture includes a level of skill and masterfulness that bulk-manufactured furniture cannot replicate.

Value for Money
There are often concerns over the cost implications of using specially crafted furniture; but, in some cases, the cost is not dissimilar to the total cost of buying and fitting off-the-peg alternatives. The above elements demonstrate the huge benefits of choosing Bespoke Furniture.

Hands-On Design specialises in designing and creating bespoke Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wardrobes and Standalone Furniture. Evey Dunbavin-Hands designs one-of-a-kind pieces which are then meticulously crafted by highly skilled cabinet and furniture makers. Bespoke design is often featured in projects created by Hands-On Design and the benefits of using such a service are illustrated on the website. Instagram eveydunbavinhands