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An illustrated guide to the butterfly stitch

An Illustrated Guide to Butterfly Stitch

Posted on 10th September 2020

Graduate Diploma Conservation Studies student Maia Balint writes about a new sewing technique - the butterfly stitch - which she learnt from a visiting tutor earlier this year.

  • Reverse engineering a late 16th century wooden-board binding

    Posted on 14th June 2019

    Book conservators are often faced with the challenge of working with unfamiliar, idiosyncratic, and complex books. In such cases making a model of a binding can be of great benefit and insight into previous binding practices. This is especially true when presented with a book found in a fragmented state.

  • Balancing the Book - Conservation decisions for a 17th century binding

    Posted on 3rd May 2017

    In book conservation we often have to face situation where the handling, opening and consultation of a book could cause irreversible damage. We have to find solutions to both protect the book as an historical object and to restore its usability as a repository of knowledge.

  • Making Bone Folders from an Antler

    Posted on 16th November 2016

    Last winter, a few of us from the books department decided to go for a little hike one weekend and found ourselves walking through some woodland about half an hour from the school. One of the group came across an antler, which she wasn't too keen on keeping, so I thought I'd take it back to school and have a go at making some custom bone folders.