Bubble& Turns Up the Heat at Chilli Fiesta

What kinds of memories do the words 'bubble and squeak' stir up in you? Do you remember your mother or grandmother refrying Sunday's leftovers on a Monday morning? Or perhaps you recall your childhood Boxing Days, always filled with leftovers from Christmas Dinner.

Whatever flashbacks the words conjure, it's safe to say that bubble and squeak is one of the most traditional dishes found in British cuisine. Usually comprised of leftover vegetables from a roast dinner (such as potatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts), its popularity become widespread in WWII due to rationing.

Today you will find, dear friends, that bubble and squeak has been elevated to - wait for it - a fine food!

Local event caterer Bubble& has taken this much-loved dish and created an entire concept based around it. Mind you, their unique culinary creations don't use leftovers by any means, but only the finest local produce.

All of their dishes revolve around a bubble and squeak centrepiece: potato, cabbage and leek, shaped into a pretty 'cake' and pan-fried to perfection. These are then served with a range of creative and seasonal toppings and accompaniments. Everything they serve is gluten-free.

Would you like to be tempted even further?

Bubble& will be dishing up their culinary delights at this year's award-winning Chilli Fiesta where you can join Mr Bubble& for his live cooking demonstration in the Cookery Theatre on Friday, 5th August at 4:15pm. He'll be teaching you how to poach the perfect egg and how to make a hollandaise and béarnaise sauce with a hint of chilli spice. See you there!

Which squeak will you choose?

Menu choices will include their famous Classic Squeak, served with a soft poached free-range egg, smoked streaky bacon and hollandaise sauce. For vegetarians, their Halloumi Curry dish is a winner: butternut squash and halloumi coconut curry, spiced toasted cashews and fresh coriander. Meat lovers will be offered Confit Pork Shoulder (free-range), with roast carrots, apple and fennel slaw and crackling.