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Malcom Riley the African Chef

Guest Bloggers

Simply the Bao-Best! The African Chef at Chilli Fiesta

Posted on 20th July 2015

Malcolm Riley, a self taught chef, recipe creator and entrepreneur behind 'The African Chef' brand, was born and raised in Zambia. He moved to the UK 15 years ago carrying with him a real passion for food, coming from his Mother's great love of cooking.

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    Mark Diacono Has The Builders In

    Posted on 18th May 2015

    So, after all the planning processes and architect's meetings, it looks like the creation of the Otter Farm Kitchen Garden School will begin this summer. It's hard to imagine diggers, cranes, be-hatted builders and daily deliveries will soon be busying over this space, but hopefully they will.

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    Posted on 3rd May 2015

    One of the great advantages of gardening in Britain is the opportunity to grow an enormous range of plants. For this we owe a great debt to the plant hunters, who have furbished our gardens with treasures gathered, often under considerable duress, from around the world.

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    Potty Time by Harriet Rycroft

    Posted on 18th March 2015

    Have you taken a leaf out of West Dean's book and your garden is tickety-boo? Plants firmly pruned, spare pots washed and stacked? Paths swept and seeds sown in a timely manner?

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    Wintersweet by Jane Perrone

    Posted on 16th February 2015

    Back in December I was absolutely convinced that my wintersweet (Chimonanthus), a shrub renowned for both its headily-scented winter flowers, and taking its own sweet time to getting around to flowering, was finally about to do the business this year.