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What's looking good in summer 2022

Posted on 28th July 2022

Head Gardener, Tom Brown talks about the challenges of managing West Dean Gardens and he recommends what displays and tours to look out for on your next visit this summer and in upcoming seasons. 


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    Welcoming you back to West Dean Gardens

    Posted on 18th June 2020

    Read more from Head Gardener, Tom, following the announcement that we will be re-opening the Gardens to the public from 26 June; and operating Friends-only days 22-25 June.

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    Dahlias – the Barbara Windsor’s of the Flower World!

    Posted on 27th August 2015

    When I started my horticultural career as a jobbing gardener at Haringey Council in North London, much of the work was mundane and pretty unrewarding. However every day during the late summer and until the first frosts, my heart was lifted by the technicolor blooms of an astonishing collection of dahlia plants.

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    West Dean Gardens - July 2014

    Posted on 6th August 2015

    June was a wonderful month for a garden visit to West Dean and July looks set to be the same. Plenty of sun filled days after the relentless winter rain have put a skip into the visitors step as they come along to enjoy all aspects of the gardens and there is certainly plenty here to tempt them.

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    Heating Up In August

    Posted on 6th August 2015

    Wow! What a difference warm weather makes to a garden! So far this summer the flower display in the cutting garden and on the borders in the Walled Garden is looking fantastic with the rudbeckia trial taking pride of place. Beneficial insects and butterflies are having a field day too.

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    Summer Is Here As We Go 'Wild' At West Dean

    Posted on 9th June 2015

    I'm going to start with an invitation, well more of plea really to come along to West Dean soon to admire the wild flowers in the gardens and arboretum - it really is a delightful show and like all good things will come to an end soon.

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    Garden Styles

    Posted on 8th April 2015

    I'm a great believer in "an Englishman's home is his castle" so I have no desire to proscribe gardening style. Equally I look to nature for inspiration and guidance in how I garden and the first comment in relation to the regimental approach above is that nature doesn't "do" bare soil.

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    Posted on 14th July 2014

    As the dog days of August approach and other flowering shrubs give up the ghost those stalwarts of the late summer border, the hydrangeas, come into their own. The common hydrangea, H. macrophylla, has spawned a huge range of varieties that divide neatly into two main types, the lacecaps and the Hortensias, or more descriptively the mopheads.

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    June – a peach of a month!

    Posted on 30th June 2014

    Having just passed the longest day, 21st June, I think it's fair to say that summer is here and so far it's proving pretty good, fingers crossed!

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