Tacos at the Chilli Fiesta at West Dean West Sussex

If Music Be The Food of Love…

While we all know that we feast with our eyes as well as our taste buds, did you know that that our ears can also affect our eating experience?

Research by Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University has found that playing music from the same country as the food you are eating can 'sonically season' food. Think about it. It really does make sense. While on holiday have you ever eaten wurst at a beer festival while accompanied by traditional beer drinking songs? I remember having a midnight supper of pizza outside the arena at the Verona Opera Festival one summer and it was magical, the best pizza ever it was love at first bite.

Professor Spence believes we eat with our senses not our mouths and believes our tongues do not taste food at all. Instead it is our brains that prepare our mouths for a flavour experience and the environment around us has a big part to play in the culintary process. He says we don't just smell and taste our food and that "music can cleanse the palate, influence and change taste and heighten our experience".

The sounds of food - crackly, crispy or carbonated sensations - are something we all love and make a big difference to our enjoyment of food as we experience these on the tongue as different textures and sensations to enhance the flavour.

What a treat in store then at the 20th Chilli Fiesta. The host of salsa and Latin bands are a recipe for a delicious blend of hot music and spicy foods on offer. The popular Mariachi Tequila Band will be spending the day amongst the crowds getting them into the Latin groove and conjuring up a taste of Mexico and Flameco Flame will put you in the mood for a spicy paella. Then there's Cuban Tropicana, Bamboleo, Latin Exstacy and many more and all accompanied by a vast range of tasty food and drinks from the mild to hot hot temperatures. What a feast! …play on.

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