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Looking good - Summer

What's looking good in summer 2022

Posted on 28th July 2022

Head Gardener, Tom Brown talks about the challenges of managing West Dean Gardens and he recommends what displays and tours to look out for on your next visit this summer and in upcoming seasons. 


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    What's looking good in summer - Part 2

    Posted on 9th August 2018

    Weather has not been such a hot topic for ages with the drought of June and July making us rather nervous as we watched the skies for any sign of rain. If you can keep watering the plants over summer, then displays of rudbeckias and zinnias thrive in this endless sunny weather, as you'll see in our Cutting Garden. Read more in our latest blog from Sarah Wain.

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    What's looking good in summer?

    Posted on 29th June 2018

    After a miserably cold and wet beginning to the year, West Dean Gardens is now bathed in glorious sunshine and the gardeners have changed their fretting from endless rain to endless watering as it's been so dry recently.

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    What's looking good in spring? Part 1

    Posted on 1st February 2018

    A soggy December saw 2017 rainfall almost catch up to our 30-year average of nearly 41 inches. It's a joy to see the River Lavant running once again. There's a lot of hustle and bustle under glass in January as all the ornamental plants are attended to before they are set up for display in their respective houses.

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    Looking good in winter

    Posted on 11th December 2017

    Feisty winter weather can either have you huddling by the fireside or donning outdoor gear for an invigorating walk outdoors. Even clothed in winter garb, West Dean Gardens offers a special treat for those of us who enjoy watching, listening to and walking through the seasonal changes.

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    What's looking good in September

    Posted on 6th September 2017

    How quickly the seasons pass, there's a change in the air as autumn strides into view. Hey-ho it's apple harvest time and Stu has begun to harvest this year's crop. Fruit is his forté and harvesting is the natural conclusion to his fruit year. We need to plant more fruit trees, don't you think?

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    Looking Good in November at West Dean Gardens

    Posted on 8th November 2016

    Gorgeous autumnal weather - dry still and colourful means there's something for everyone to enjoy in the gardens. Glasshouse cleaning has started in earnest and we're moving from a season of glasshouse displays to the housekeeping months, so still a busy time.