Certificate Residential Interior Design -

Chelsea Bish

Interior Designer

What is your professional background prior to KLC?
Being quite young, I don’t really have an extensive professional background! I previously studied performing arts, focussing specifically on acting, but decided I prefer it just as a passion rather than a career. I really enjoy the creative arts and definitely knew that I wanted to work in a creative profession. I have spent the past few years working temp jobs and travelling whilst figuring out my next steps.

When you were looking for courses, what appealed to you about this course?
From the offset, KLC struck me as THE place to study if you want to train in interior design. Their location, lecturers, and industry contacts are unparalleled. To be taught by successful working interior designers, in the heart of Chelsea Harbour, surrounded by beautiful showrooms. What’s not to love?

How does the course fit your lifestyle?
I chose the part time course because it is only 2 days per week at the school, and therefore enables me to work and support myself whilst studying. Of course, it is still very intensive and there is a lot of work to be completed outside of school hours, but with a bit of self-discipline, it is relatively easy to find a good balance.

What are you enjoying most about the course?
It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that I am enjoying the most about the course, as there is a multitude! Every day is so different and engaging, and it is an incredibly supportive environment, where you feel that everybody genuinely wants you to succeed.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I usually love to visit showrooms, go to the theatre, read books and magazines, or even just go for a walk. You can find beauty and inspiration almost anywhere!

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