Certificate in Interior Design -

Christina Romiza

Interior Designer

What is your professional background prior to KLC?
I worked in Investment Management and Private Banking for several years

When you were looking for courses, what was it about this course that appealed to you the most?
The array of courses offered, location and the flexibility of time around my schedule. There is a bit of something for everyone. Whether you want an introduction to technical drawing or to take a taster course in lighting design, there is a course offered.

What are you enjoying most about the course? 
We have such a great group of individuals and making new friendships is pretty easy. Everyday offers a new challenge and when there is something that doesn't come very easily, there's a good chance that others may be find it equally challenging. Being able to easily discuss your successes and challenges has made our group pretty cohesive.

Have you found the course challenging to fit around your current schedule? 
No, with the right set of plans put in place, I've been able to make it work.

What would you like to achieve once you've finished the course? 
I would love to work on some projects and garner further experience as well as further my interest in all aspects related to lighting design

Where do you look for inspiration? 
I am constantly inspired by my children, but as this relates to design I have a keen interest in a variety of design web sites, magazines, books and television programs.

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