BA (Hons) Interior Design -

Cristina Sarla

Interior Designer

What did you study prior to joining KLC?
I took a BA in Architecture at Central St Martins. I really loved the course and enjoyed the university campus experience. The tutors were really tough but this helped me to evolve and learn more.

What was it that attracted you to the KLC BA (Hons) course?
I realised that I wanted to focus on the insides of buildings in a more in-depth way and possibly look at going onto an MA in Interior Design.

I read a lot of the student profiles on the KLC website and everyone was talking about the high level of tutor involvement and the supportive learning environment in the school. I was also impressed with the access to industry contacts and employment opportunities after Graduation.

How are you finding the course so far?

It felt like a relatively easy transition into the KLC course – I already had most of the drawing and CAD skills from doing architecture, so I was just getting used to the new environment. I was surprised at the level of warmth and participation from the tutors; they genuinely care and want you to succeed!

I’m also enjoying learning the finer points of AutoCAD and looking forward to starting 3DSMax – not many places teach this, you’re mostly expected to learn it yourself so that was a big plus for me too.

What have the biggest highlights and challenges been so far?
I love the fact you actually get to visit the sites you’re doing a project on. Having a physical, tangible place to design just makes it so much more real. And the presentations to the clients – we have our first one at the end of November – they’re nerve-wracking but such great experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

In terms of challenges – definitely time management! The two days here at the school are great, but then you have to organise yourself for the rest of the week! You have to be strict and create a structure for yourself. But the tutors are really accessible and give loads of advice and pass on contacts by email wherever possible.

Why do you think interior design matters? What makes you so passionate about it?
I think interior design isn’t about spaces, it’s about people. That’s what makes it so rewarding. Interior design is about how people feel in a space and ways that you can improve their psychological welfare – that’s why I’ve chosen to write my dissertation on the development of interior design in hospitals.

Do you have any idea what you want to do after the BA?
I definitely want to take advantage of the Careers Service industry contacts to get a work placement and hopefully a job! But I do think I’ll study for a Master's at some point in the future – I’ve always been driven to take that next level up.

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