Garden Design Diploma -

Elizabeth Tyler

Garden Designer

What was your background before KLC?
I worked in Strategy Consultancy, having previously studied politics and social sciences at Cambridge and then LSE.

Why did you decide to study Garden Design?
For me the most inspiring places are always outside; wild landscapes, beautiful gardens and all the the bits in between. I felt it was time to be doing a job that expressed this. I hope that in becoming a garden designer I will be able to combine lots of different aspects of my life and abilities, and do something more active and creative.

What did you think of the course?
I loved it. I feel like I have learnt an incredible amount, developed skills and talents that were a little forgotten, and found a career that will suit me in so many ways.

What are your design interests/strengths?
I’m very interested in the history of garden design, and how this ties in with social history. Also with the idea of ‘wild’ gardens, and the successional overgrowth of post-industrial spaces. I love the idea of derelict places swamped by plants. I’m also passionate about sustainability and the role of gardens in this.

What plant best represents you?
I’d like to say a peony, because they’re my favourite flower. But I think it’s probably something more like a silver birch, because they’re pale and a little bit Scandinavian..

Which are your favourite gardens?
Bodnant, Villa Lante, Wyken, the meadow at Fenton House, Chateau de Queille. I also find the landscapes of the North Norfolk coast very beautiful.

Who is your favourite designer?
I love the way that Tom Stuart-Smith is so sensitive to place, whilst maintaining a characteristic style of his own. I will also always love Capability Brown’s landscapes, for nostalgia value.

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